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Ski masks Bollè Y6 OTG white

Mask Bollè Y6 OTG, the ideal mask for those who wear glasses.
  • NEVER MOISTURE ON LENSES. Due to its ventilated lenses, ski goggles Y6 manages the condensation that makes it difficult to view, while providing comfort and good visual performance.
  • PERFECT TO WEAR ON GLASSES. The OTG of this Bollè mask allows foam to be able to quietly also wear over eyeglasses.
  • LENSES FOR TIME VARIABLE. The double polycarbonate lens of Y6 is suitable for variable time. In addition, the pink base enhances color definition and depth, guaranteeing a total UV protection.

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Invierno 2021

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The ski Bollè Y6 OTG mask is treated with antifog P80 + and Anti scratch Carbo Glas® , and thanks to its Polycarbonate lens provides you with excellent performance visual.
TemporadaInvierno 2021
lenteVermillon Gun Cat 2 - Lenti in policarbonato
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