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Bike backpack 

The backpack is the best choice for mountain bikers. More practical and safe than a classic bag, it will become an irreplaceable companion of your bike excursions along the trails!
All bike backpacks for sale by Bottero Ski are designed by the best brands in the MTB world and are available in different types and sizes.
The backpacks are equipped with horizontal straps adjustable at waist and chest height that allow you to perfectly stop the backpack at the torso, increasing your safety and comfort in case of terrain irregularities. Many bike backpack models are also equipped with a water bag: a flexible plastic container that can be filled with water; the container is connected to a small hose that comes out of the backpack, from which the biker can comfortably quen their head.
What do we recommend to always take with you in your mountain bike backpack? Definitely a spare air chamber, a mini pump for tires and a multitool to perform small repairs, all items that you can comfortably buy from Bottero Ski.
Place your order today, your cycling backpack will arrive in a few days at your home!

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  • € 99,95
    In Stock Winter 2021

    Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam 24 backpack, ideal for bike rides CONVENIENT. For maximum mobility, the 24-liter Moab Jam is equipped with the flexible ACS TIGHT rear system. Since the backpack is located very close to your body, keep full load control - even when you are driving at higher speed. The central air channel and permeable padding allow you to keep your...

    € 99,95 Winter 2021
    In Stock
  • € 160,00
    In Stock Spring Summer 2020

    Backpack designed specifically for cyclists who ride an electric bike DEDICATED SPACES - The backpack is equipped with a special neoprene bag for the e-bike battery, suitable for all models of standard batteries, both external and internal. This way you can always carry a spare battery with you for any need GUARANTEED SAFETY - An integrated protection...

    € 160,00 Spring Summer 2020
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items