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3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man

3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man warm and practical

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3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man warm and practical

Legging X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Evo Man ideal for any winter sport, protecting from cold and letting moisture transpirations
Enlarged ISO-Pad™: 23 cm2 insulation. In winter, targeted insulation of individual body parts against ambient coldness can prevent the body from the cold. This is why ISO-Pads™ over the hip bones and the finer ISO-Pads™ on the buttocks retain body heat that is necessary to guarantee internal organ function.
Air-Conditioning Channel®: is a ventilation system of channels that flow around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation.
InsulationPads on the upper thigh: shaped like waves, their protection lies over a large surface of the most superficial thigh muscle, thereby retaining the necessary heat next to the body to maintain muscle performance.
Innerlap AirConditioning Zone®: the inner thighs are less reactive to the cold. Here, woven mesh with zero insulation function allows air to circulate and aids cooling as soon as you start to sweat.
ExpansionKnee™ of xitanit™: protects knees from the cold. The silver lining provides the necessary heat reflection, keeping the heat inside the clothing system.
3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone: the sweat of the lower back area is conducted through the 3D-BionicSphere® System to the tailbone for evaporation. The SweatTraps® on the lower back are targeted specifically at catching sweat flowing toward the buttocks. This first phase, which often leads to friction sores, is interrupted before it can even begin.
Air Guides® 1 mm strong - improved air circulation: the Air-Conditioning Channel® is enveloped by the Air Guides® so that it can also function effectively under a second layer. The speed of evaporation is increased by multiples.
Improved ISO-CalfPad™: calf muscles can cool down quickly, particularly after short breaks and even if the overall body temperature is still high. This can lead to the risk of injury. The new anatomically adapted ISO CalfPad™ retains the body's warmth. Here too the knitted fabric lies in wavelike shapes over the skin forming channels for storing air in a manner similar to the ISO-Shoulder™. The air warmed by the body and retained in these channels significantly delays the cool-down of the calf musculature as it adjusts to the body's overall perception of warmth.

Season Winter 2019
Technology Air-Conditioning Channel - Innerlap AirConditioning Zone - ExpansionKnee - SO-CalfPad
Outer material 89% polyamide - 8% polypropylene - 3% elastane
Product Code I020241 182

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3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man

3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man

3/4 legging X-BionicEnergy Accumulator Evo Man warm and practical