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t-shirt running X-Bionic The Trick Uomo


Running t-shirt X-Bionic The Trick Man

Running t-shirt X-Bionic The Trick Man highly performant

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Technical features Running t-shirt X-Bionic The Trick Man


Running t-shirt X-Bionic The Trick Man highly performant

Running t-shirt X-Bionic The Trick Man with an insulating structure along the vertebral column that simulates overheating of the whole body and starts sweat production early. Thanks to the advanced air conditioning, extreme temperature peaks and overheating are avoided, conditions that consume energy.
3D-BionicSphere® System on the chest: thermoregulates effectively, without giving the body the feeling of cold. The hot air inside the canals acts as an insulator. The warm and humid air is instead disposed of through the dynamics of the thermoregulation and replaced with fresh air.
ExpansionRibs ™: the structure of the ExpansionRibs ™, based on the accordion principle, ensures that the external cold does not cool the elbows. The insulating effect is ensured by the hot air kept inside it even in the presence of sharp bends. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs ™ and the elasticity of the garment allow a freedom of movement eliminating friction.
AirComPlex-Zone: 144 cm² of greater insulation. At the solar plexus, directly under the 12 thoracic vertebrae, important nerve fibers receive signals that influence the whole well being of the body. The EVO ® Accumulator protects this delicate sector with special channels. The hot air contained therein isolates itself optimally in the cold. The structure of the system processes excess sweat during physical activity and ensures adequate cooling of the area.
SweatTraps®: absorb moisture before it is felt by the skin. They favor evaporation and dispose of it through heat dynamics. On the skin remains a non-perceptible moist film that cools.
X-Impact Technology ™: exerts a well-defined pressure on the body. Without limiting freedom of movement or influencing wearability, this pressure stimulates the physical perception of one's body. The movement becomes more precise and effective and muscular work improves.
3D-BionicSphere® System on the back: ensures effective ventilation and allows the excess perspiration to be carried outwards. The air stored in the channels, on the other hand, acts as an insulator from the cold.

Data sheet

Spring Summer 2018
3D-BionicSphere® System - AirComPlex-Zone - SweatTraps® - Expansion Flex Zone - 3D-BionicSphere® System - 37° CCR-Technology™ - Fixation Ribs - Stability Zone - Skin NODOR® Nano-Technology - X-Impact Technology™
87% Polyamide - 10% Polypropylene - 3% Elastane
O100049 181

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